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Checking the Health of your Trees

We’ve not spoken about this before, but Checking the Health of your Trees as the rougher weather approaches is always a good idea as the weather has a large impact on your trees, now is a good time to do a simple, practical check on your trees to see whether there is a case for a further professional opinion.

Prevention of tree failure (or safe felling, if the tree is very unwell or unstable) or is much quicker, cheaper and less stressful than cure, and these simple steps will help you decide whether you need to take early action.

Take a good look at the tree from the ground, walking all around it if possible.  Looking from the top of the crown down, notice if there are any:

  1. Dead limbs, branches or twigs in the crown
  2. Broken branches or hung-up pieces of wood that have snapped out but remain stuck in the crown
  3. Cracks, splits, scars in the bark of the trunk of major limbs and branches; any bleeding from the bark
  4. Reduction in the size of the foliage or change to the colour of the leaves; spots, blights, fading patches or fungal growths on the leaves or bark

5. Change in the pattern of growth of new shoots or buds

6. Any fungi, mushrooms or toadstools growing on the tree or around the base of the tree

7. Whether the tree is solid in the ground at the root, or if there are signs of movement

If in any doubt give Ian a call to arrange an inspection.


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