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Top grade, seasoned, ready to burn logs delivered to your door

Firewood Logs

We supply quality seasoned Firewood Logs throughout the Leeds, Wetherby, Tadcaster, York, Garforth and Selby areas, ready for burning and available  in the following quantities:

Hard Wood Cubic Meter Bags

  • 1x1M3 Bag @ £95.00 each *

  • 2x1M3 Bags @ £180.00

  • 3×1M3 Bags @ £270.00


Our Firewood Logs are made up of- Ash, Oak, Sycamore, Birch, Cherry, Beech, Holly, Hawthorne, Cedar, Pine Etc.

All seasoned for 12 months and cut and split to fit wood burners, our bags unlike many other suppliers contain very little soft wood.  On average a cubic meter bag contains approximately 5% Softwood.

Deliveries are normally carried out on Saturdays with an approximate time slot given on order.

All prices are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

Please note,  your firewood will be delivered in the bags but will be tipped loose and the bags retained for re-use.

Method of Payment can be any of the following- Cash, Credit or Debit cards or BACS (we try not to accept cheques if at all possible)

* We offer free delivery service on all quantities however for single bags there is a £5 surcharge for deliveries outside a 5 mile radius of Garforth, (multiple bags are delivered free)

What you get– A full cubic meter bag of seasoned Hardwood, even sizes to fit log burners, fully seasoned logs ready to burn and a prompt delivery with a smile!

What you won’t get– wet wood, large logs that won’t fit you fire, lots of softwood mixed in (our Hardwood is 95% Hardwood) or builders bags posing as cubic meter bags.

Contact us now to place your order

Further Information

Why don’t we deliver “tipper loads” of firewood Logs? many people ask.  The answer is simple, what is a tipper load? There are so many different size tippers on the market, a “load” could really mean anything!

At ICS Tree Services Ltd we pride ourselves on delivering a consistent, measured amount every time, so that you, the customer, get the same amount of quality seasoned firewood on each and every delivery. In addition, we grade our wood so you get a more consistent size of seasoned wood, ready to burn.

All our  Firewood is seasoned for minimum of 12 months, unless otherwise stated when you order.  Being seasoned means it burns more readily whilst producing much more heat. Unseasoned, freshly cut wood is much wetter and far heavier which is why we only supply our 12 months seasoned hardwood logs by volume not by weight.

ICS Tree Surgeon Services Leeds,
Gilandi Great North Road Micklefield,
West Yorkshire

Firewood Storage

Firewood Logs are best stored somewhere where there is moving air, outside undercover is the best place as the moving air helps the wood to dry, failing this a garage or shed will do. Try and keep your logs off the floor if possible as the wood will absorb moisture from the ground, wet wood, like unseasoned wood, will smoulder and spit rather than burning well and also produces rather less heat than dry seasoned firewood.

For the best result your firewood should be moved in doors a few days before it’s burnt, this brings the wood to room temperature and helps it burn better.

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