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Tree Surgery – Safety First

Tree surgery is an extremely high-risk activity and requires comprehensive understanding and compliance with current Health & Safety legislation. A thorough knowledge of the legislation is an essential aspect of business for anyone trading as a self-employed tree surgeon as well as anyone running a tree surgery business. Tree surgeons undertake a year, and often two years, of training before they receive their certification.

The main risks face by tree surgeons are the use of dangerous equipment, falls from height, injuries from falling trees or branches, exposure to sawdust and other volatile substances that can cause respiratory problems.

Even competent and experienced tree surgeons can have accidents as shown in the recent tragic news of the death of a tree surgeon following an unpredictable accident with a chain saw while he was working at height in a tree in Bermondsey, South London.

During the last 10 years twenty four tree surgeons or arborists have been killed working on trees and nearly one thousand four hundred have suffered an injury. In recent years (in forestry and arboriculture) direct contact with a chainsaw has caused 5 deaths and many serious injuries. These do not include the high numbers of other types of accident that occur during felling, pruning and other related work.

Consequently, it is extremely inadvisable for home owners to attempt to undertake work on their own trees, even without dangerous equipment, the risk of falls can never be overstated. Chainsaws are potentially dangerous machines which can cause fatal or major injuries if not used correctly. It is essential that anyone who uses a chainsaw should have received adequate training and be proven competent to use it.

In addition, it takes experience and knowledge to understand the state of health and structure of a tree; untrained tree workers may seriously damage, weaken and disfigure trees, bearing in mind every cut is a wound.

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