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New ArbTruck

This week saw the arrival of our new Arb truck, this has been in the planning stage for nearly a year, With a specalise Arboricultural tipper back fully fitted with various beacons for road work this is a major investment…

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Tree Preservation orders (TPO)

We all recognise the need to protect special trees from harm. It is surely sensible that some trees be afforded special status to preserve them when otherwise they may be in danger of being felled for any number of reasons…

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Staying up to Date

Best practice, supported by the Health and Safety Executive, suggests that we should refresh our training every five years to ensure that we are staying up to date with new ways of doing things and don’t become complacent about safety…

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recycling green waste

Green waste is a common by-product of our everyday work and something that we have grown accustomed to dealing with. Whether we have carried out a large job such as a tree felling, or merely trimmed some hedges, there is…

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New Trees For Sheffield

Over 8,000 trees are to be planted in Sheffield between now and March 2018 Sheffield council has committed to planting over 8,000 trees within the next five months, the first of which has been planted in Burngreave with Lord Mayor,…

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A Look inside

A Look inside – Sonic Tomography Ever fancy a look inside a tree! From time to time we are asked to assess the structural integrity of a specimen which maybe raising concerns for a customer. An indicator of potential decay is…

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