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How much does it cost!

How much does it cost!

How much does it cost

It depends….

Aaargh! What do you mean “It depends”?

Here is a list of some of the factors which will influence the price quoted to you for the removal of a tree:

  1. Size of the tree. Normally the bigger the tree, the greater the cost.
  2. Type of tree. Some types of tree are just easier to cut down than others
  3. The condition of the tree. Rotten trees can be dangerous to work on and extra safety precautions will be required resulting in an increase in cost.
  4. Access to the tree. It is quicker and easier for the tree surgeon if he/she can get equipment close to the tree without being obstructed by fences, walls, steep slopes, rivers, streams, etc. The more awkward the access, the greater the cost.
  5. Proximity to buildings or other physical structures. Without a clear area to straight-fell a tree (i.e. cut near the base, and “Timber!”, the tree falls in one go), a tree will have to be dismantled bit by bit. Tree Dismantling is much more time consuming than straight-felling and will therefore cost more. Generally speaking, the closer the tree is to an obstruction, the more care needs to be taken, and the greater the cost.
  6. Proximity to public road or footpath. May involve extra costs in informing the Authorities to comply with regulations.
  7. Whether the tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order. Any tree covered by a TPO requires permission to be cut down. This will involve providing reports, filing paperwork etc., and this will add to the cost.
  8. Whether you want Stump Removal included. Stump removal is usually considered a separate service, billed in addition to felling or dismantling, and will often turn out to be as costly as the felling of the tree itself but necessary if you need to use the ground again.
  9. Whether you want to keep the cut timber or not. To have the cuttings chipped and cleared will add cost.
  10. The quality of the tree surgeon. A properly trained, qualified and fully-insured tree surgeon will charge more than a shady cowboy who has little experience and, worse, no liability insurance when things go wrong. Always use a professional tree surgeon with checkable certification and insurance cover, otherwise you may end up paying very much more than you bargained on!
  11. Any advice when I get a quote?
  12. Always get a quote in writing stating what the tree surgeon is proposing to do.

Tip: Get a free quote from two or three professional tree surgeons in your area. Make sure you understand exactly what is included in the quotation, and check reviews. Don’t automatically choose the cheapest quotation; instead make your decision based on overall value and quality of service offered. This way, it will work out cheaper in the long run.


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