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Leeds Tree Stump Removal

Leeds Tree Stump Removal

ICS Tree Services provide professional Leeds tree stump removal.

Using dedicated stump grinding machinery, we remove tree stumps from residential gardens and we also remove tree stumps from commercial premises.

Usually after a tree has been taken down, the tree is cut to ground level, leaving an unsightly and inconvenient tree stump. The tree trunk and crown of the tree may have been removed but the tree’s root system remains. The tree stump leaves an unusable area where nothing can grow due to the above ground tree stump and tree’s living root system below ground.

Effective tree stump removal involves grinding down the tree stump to below ground level. ICS Tree Services can removal your unwanted tree stumps with their specialist tree stump grinding machinery. Tree stump grinding can be carried out when the tree is first cut down or at a later date.

For professional tree stump grinding in Leeds, contact ICS Tree Services to arrange your Leeds tree stump removal today.



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