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Tree Pruning In Leeds

Tree Pruning in Leeds

“When is a good time to prune trees?” This is question we’re often asked by our customers as experienced tree surgeons who carry out tree pruning in Leeds.

As Spring is getting ready to give way to Summer, now is a good time to prune trees in Leeds and surrounding areas. By the end of April, most trees are in full leaf, making this a good time to prune trees. Cherry trees and birch trees are two species of tree adversely affected by late pruning. Late pruning runs the risk of damage to the tree via the pruning wounds. During the Spring and Summer months, a tree’s pruning wounds heal more quickly. In addition, Autumn and Winter is when many fruiting fungal bodies produce their spores which can gain entry to the tree by means of pruning wounds.

Fruit trees such as apple trees, plum trees, cherry trees and apricot trees are susceptible to silver leaf, especially due to pruning during the fungal sporing season.

For professional trusted tree services, contact ICS Tree Services. Providing professional tree pruning in Leeds and throughout the West Yorkshire region.


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