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Snow Damaged Trees

Snow Damaged Trees

ICS Tree Services can save snow damaged trees. ICS Tree Services are a Leeds based team of tree surgeons.

Conifers and evergreens such as holly trees are susceptible to damage to their branches due to the weight of the accumulation of heavy snow. A heavy layer of snow weighs down the tree’s branches and this can cause them to break or snap. Heavy snowfalls can also damage the top or the crown of a conifer. Again the weight of the accumulated snow can cause the tree to bend or worse, break. ICS Tree Services are knowledgeable and experienced Leeds tree surgeons.

If the recent snows have have caused damage to the evergreen trees in your garden, a professional tree surgeon may be able to minimise the damage and salvage your tree.

If you’re concerned about the snow damaged trees in your garden, contact ICS Tree Services.





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