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Tree Health and Decay.

We have many, many repeat customers whose trees we have been looking after for nearly twenty years.  Most of our customers love their trees and because of that, know when there have experienced a physical change that might need a little more investigation.

Sometimes the problem is hidden, with no obvious, external signs of ill-health.  This is when we see trees fail unexpectedly, sometimes doing damage and rarely, sadly, serious harm.

Tree health and decay

There are very useful methods for assessing internal decay and the condition of the tree from the inside.  We regularly work with our chartered arborist colleagues to use Picus sonic tomography and resistance testing, particularly useful on large, mature or over-mature trees.

Often, these are trees which make an important historical and aesthetically valuable contribution in their setting, and we aim to do the very minimum amount of work required to keep trees like this safe, healthy and well.  More on this topic in a future blog!

If you’d value a professional opinion on your trees, call Ian on 01132320495 or  07782251881 or email him at for advice or a free quote.


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