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Tree Surgery in Leeds – Ongoing Tree Management Project

ICS Tree Services recently undertook a variety of tree surgery in Leeds at Benton Park School.  As part of an ongoing tree management plan, a week long operation was carried out during half term to minimise any disruption.

Several trees that had been condemned were sectionally dismantled using controlled rigging techniques.  In some cases, the trunks being left as ‘monoliths’ to encourage habitat.

After years of neglect the site is now opening up nicely, with any hazardous trees removed as a priority.  Due to the small timescale we had to work with, our largest machinery was employed to ensure everything could be processed and removed from site on schedule.

Not without its hazards, obstacles to contend with included school buildings and security fencing. In addition public roads and footpaths needed managing by our team.

For all tree surgery in Leeds, please get in touch with ICS for a free no oblication quote


tree surgery in Leeds

Leeds tree surgeon with bandit wood chipper

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