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Ash Dieback Tree Removal

Ash Dieback Tree Removal

The Leeds tree surgeons at ICS Tree Services ash dieback tree removal service removes diseased ash trees.

Ash dieback is a serious disease that is affecting ash trees in the UK. Leaf loss and crown dieback are caused by the disease. UK ash trees are being infected the fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus. The destructive fungal disease kills UK ash trees. There is no cure for ash trees suffering from dieback. Affected branches can be removed to prolong the life of the ash tree, however, the fungus will eventually kill the ash tree and render it unstable.

ICS Tree Services can remove ash tree branches affected by ash dieback. Whilst removing diseased branches can prolong the tree’s lifespan, the fungus will ultimately spread throughout the tree. Taking down an ash tree before it has completely succumbed to ash dieback is quicker and safer.

Contact Leeds tree surgeon for ash dieback tree removal services to protect your ash trees.


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